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DIY faux snow cone garland & gift toppers

22 Jun

How ADORABLE is this ❀ I think that this would be perfect for sooo many things. Ice cream party, summer party, kids room decor, gift toppers and place holders πŸ™‚
The tutorial is at creaturecomfortsblog.com this is honestly one of my favorite blogs, they have amazing tutorials and are so creative ❀





Perfect Halloween beer

3 Oct

I found these beers at the dieline and thought they would be the best Halloween beers! Now I have no idea what they taste like but they sure do look cool. I’m going to stop by Bevmo this week and see if I can find them.
Freetail Brewing Co.

Halloween party take 2

1 Oct

So I had already posted this but somehow it disappeared, so here goes take two.

With October at my doorstep I have to start planning two Halloween party’s, one for my boyfriend on the 19th and one for my brother on the 28th, not to mention today I will start decorating the house. Anyways here are some of my inspirations for October fun…