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DIY faux snow cone garland & gift toppers

22 Jun

How ADORABLE is this ❀ I think that this would be perfect for sooo many things. Ice cream party, summer party, kids room decor, gift toppers and place holders πŸ™‚
The tutorial is at creaturecomfortsblog.com this is honestly one of my favorite blogs, they have amazing tutorials and are so creative ❀




flower gift toppers

22 Jun

This is a creative and beautiful idea for a gift toper. I came across it onΒ Stephmodo.comΒ and just can’t wait to use it ❀ I think the simpler the wrapping paper the better it will definitely make the flower idea pop and look so pretty and rustic. So my friends you now know how your birthday presents will be topped all through spring and summer πŸ˜‰
Hope you have a great great day!



lump of coal cachette

5 Nov

fredflare.com | 877-798-2807 | lump of coal cachette.