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Comic art propaganda

10 Nov

flavorwire Article


Diana rose

10 Nov

Such a beautiful Diana, I want it but I have so much undeveloped film from my Holga that I really shouldn’t want it just admire it…
But if u want it, get it at lomography

lump of coal cachette

5 Nov | 877-798-2807 | lump of coal cachette.

French pop-up book

6 Oct

This is an amazing animated trailer from a French pop-up book by Benjamin Lacombe. I am in love with it and it will definitely go on my Christmas wish list…

Il etait une fois – Benjamin Lacombe from B&C on Vimeo.

Must have posters

3 Oct

pop chart lab has these amazing posters. If you had these I’m sure your friends would have a good time staring them down for a while. My favorite is the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names. Way cool…

Action figures for smart people

3 Oct

PICKED: Mapping European Stereotypes

3 Oct

PICKED: Mapping European Stereotypes.