Vandalog: The Death of Banksy

6 Jan

Vandalog: The Death of Banksy


At the onset, Banksy’s political commentary in street art form started from the efforts of one solo figure. His art movement has since garnered mass appeal and attention as he slowly seeps his way into mainstream popular culture. The man who represents Banksy will undoubtedly meet his demise some time down the line in the most literal sense, however in an editorial byVandalog, they argue that we could see the work of Banksycontinue onwards for generations. This is based on various arguments including how the authenticity of his work, a team commissioned to do his work and the simplicity of his work all ensure his ongoing legacy. Arguably, Bansky’s drawing power is less about his artwork and more about his social commentary. Perhaps his particular stenciled style interjected with societal opinion done by others will come to represent him in future generations.

The likes of Basquiat and Haring have had their legacy carried on, but for a (at the time of posting) faceless personality be able to continue on in the afterlife? Let us know your thoughts below.

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