30 day challenge

25 Jul

I’m doing this 30 day challenge from a beautiful mess where you take a different selfie every day and it is sooo hard! I’m starting to feel bad for my instagram followers. But I am trying to get creative any ideas? check out my instagram –> http://instagram.com/__andee__profile_621346_75sq_1372750936


DIY: Wire Heart Bracelet

2 Aug

Cant wait to try this it looks so simple and cute! eek so excited…

image from: pinterest

Locks of Love

2 Aug

fromΒ http://pinterest.com/pin/176977460327655942/

rainbow eyeliner

1 Aug

this is a quick and easy tutorial that i made showing how to do a cute rainbow eyeliner. Hope you like it ❀

Milkmaid braid

19 Jul

This is an easy way to do a milkmaid braid, hope you like it ❀

Easy summer Side Braid

19 Jul

So I finally filmed another tutorial for you guys, yay! Im excited to make more of these and after recuperating from ahorrible cold Im ready πŸ™‚

Here’s an easy summer side braid to help you look put together in a flash. hope you enjoy it πŸ˜‰

DIY faux snow cone garland & gift toppers

22 Jun

How ADORABLE is this ❀ I think that this would be perfect for sooo many things. Ice cream party, summer party, kids room decor, gift toppers and place holders πŸ™‚
The tutorial is at creaturecomfortsblog.com this is honestly one of my favorite blogs, they have amazing tutorials and are so creative ❀